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  1. Bible Reading
  2. From Beginning to End: Quarter 1

Day 24

GEN. 28

Like Isaac, Jacob is to find a wife from among his godly relatives. On his way to finding a wife, God confirms that Jacob is to be the one to receive the promises given to Abraham. Jacob sets up a memorial stone to remind him of God’s promises.

You’ve probably noticed that lots of Genesis talks about God’s promises and the ways he keeps them. His promises to Jacob won’t be kept until many generations later, but they will be kept. God has made promises to us as well. We have reminders too. When we take communion, we remind ourselves that Jesus died for us and our sins are forgiven. Maybe you have a Bible verse hanging on a wall in your home that reminds you of a special promise God has made to you. It is important to remember God’s promises and rely on them.

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