Day 17 | LCBC Church
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  2. Book by Book: Quarter 4

Day 17


In today’s reading, the promised Holy Spirit arrives. The change in Peter is especially dramatic; he goes from being someone who refuses to take a stand for Jesus to someone who preaches boldly. Not only that, but the result of his preaching is also that more people choose to follow Jesus in one day than in all of Jesus’ three-year ministry.

Sometimes people say they would like to be part of an Acts 2 style of church. They are referring to this chapter in the Bible. Being part of something where many people’s lives are being changed would be exciting. However, it means each of us would need to be the person the Holy Spirit wants us to be and not held back by our own weaknesses. To be part of an Acts 2 church, I would need to be an Acts 2 follower of Jesus.

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