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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Book by Book: John to Revelation

Day 31

Romans 5

Paul, whom we met in Acts, travels over great distances starting churches in various cities. He was eventually arrested and taken to Rome as a prisoner. But prior to that, a church was started in Rome that he hadn’t helped to start. He wanted to make sure they understood the most important things a follower of Jesus should know, so he wrote a letter we now know as the book of Romans.

The first few chapters of Romans detail how we fall short of God’s standard for us and don’t deserve to be in a relationship with God. We are now told that we can trust in Jesus and be declared righteous by God. It is through the death of Jesus that we can receive the gift of righteousness. We can rejoice that God’s grace forgives everything we have ever done wrong. No amount of sin can overcome the righteousness of Jesus’ death. 

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