Day 15 | LCBC Church
  1. Bible Reading
  2. Book by Book: Quarter 3

Day 15

ISA.52, ISA.53

From chapters 41 to 51, God’s greatness continues to be presented. Events which will happen in the future are said to be part of God’s plan. The events are described in detail, and we know those events have already happened just as Isaiah was told by God. Chapter 52 points out that God has always delivered his people, even when things looked bad. Then in the second part of chapter 52 and into chapter 53, God reveals his ultimate plan for delivering humankind. It speaks of someone who will suffer to pay for the sins of everyone. Even in what would seem to be God’s greatest loss, the death of his Son, verse 10 tells us it was God’s plan all along to accomplish something greater.

Though events in our lives may cause us to question God’s love, we have the reassurance God must love us or he would not have sent Jesus to die for us.

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