Day 68 | LCBC Church
  1. Bible Reading
  2. Book by Book: Quarter 3

Day 68


In addition to more miracles, we see Jesus pick twelve men to be his disciples. Mark immediately transitions from the calling of the disciples to a story of those who strongly oppose Jesus. Jesus’ power to perform miracles and what he is teaching comes from the Holy Spirit. When the religious leaders accused him of getting his power from Satan, they were rejecting all of the Holy Spirit’s efforts. Jesus sees no hope for those who reject the Holy Spirit’s work.

The same is true today. The Holy Spirit is working to convince people of their need for salvation (John 16:8). Those who reject the Holy Spirit’s efforts don’t see their need for Jesus and will not accept his gift of salvation. Although we have a responsibility to tell others about Jesus, sometimes people aren’t ready to listen. This may be due to unwillingness to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling them.

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