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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 2

Matthew 2

As the story of Jesus’ birth continues, we are introduced to magi, or wise men, who seek out the place of Jesus’ birth using a star in the sky. Little is known about these men. They unknowingly cause Herod the Great to become angry and kill all the male babies in Bethlehem. Historians confirm that Herod was a very insecure ruler who murdered those he perceived to be a threat, including family members. While giving these details of Jesus’ early childhood, Matthew points out that these events also fulfill Old Testament prophecies. To the typical Jew Matthew is writing to, Jesus’ humble beginnings would not fit with him being the Savior of humanity. Proving that all of this was intended by God was very important. At times, things may feel out of control: like when there is a tragic accident, the loss of a job or the breakup of a relationship. However, God has a plan, even when things seem dark. We need to continue to trust even when we can’t see how the current situation can have a positive outcome. The grief is still real, as it was for the parents who lost their sons, but God will be the ultimate victor.

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