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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 30

Continuing on from chapter 21, Jesus illustrates the consequences of the Jews rejecting Jesus. The guests that reject the initial invitation are the Jews. Burning their city predicts the Roman destruction of Jerusalem about 40 years later. The invitation is then extended to less noble guests, who are non-Jews. The Jews called the non-Jews Gentiles. However, even Gentiles can’t attend the feast as they are; they need to be clothed in the righteousness Jesus offers them through the forgiveness of their sin.

Jesus is then challenged on a number of subjects that are designed to make him take sides on controversial subjects. Nobody likes to pay taxes, so supporting taxes would make him unpopular with the people. Speaking against taxes could get him arrested for sedition. The Pharisees believed in the afterlife, and the Sadducees did not. The Sadducees asked a question they felt made the idea of an afterlife look ridiculous. Jesus confirmed that there is an afterlife using an argument of which the Pharisees had never thought. Seeing that Jesus had sided with Pharisees, they asked him a question about the greatest commandment. They would have approved of his answer. However, he also asked a question they could not answer. The Pharisees had anticipated the arrival of a Messiah, but they did not expect him to be God. Jesus asked a question about how they interpreted Psalm 110. They couldn’t answer it because it didn’t match with their understanding of who the Messiah was to be. Jesus is letting them know he is the Messiah and is God. Gentiles who have trusted Jesus should be very thankful for this teaching from Jesus. His forgiveness is offered to all, regardless of background! The Pharisees’ continuing rejection of Jesus is amazing. These people were experts in the Old Testament, yet this seemingly uneducated tradesman is making arguments they never thought of and cannot refute. Despite Jesus’ ability to do miracles and clearly superior knowledge of God and his Word, they cannot see that he is who he says he is.

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