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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 33

Matthew 25

Jesus gives three parables to illustrate the need to be ready for his return and the final judgment. The story of the bridesmaids and the oil illustrates being ready at any time, while also realizing that it could be a long time before Jesus returns. The story of the money being left in the hands of the servants tells us we need to be working hard to multiply what God has given us to accomplish more of his work. The story of the sheep and goats teaches that you can tell those who are genuinely following Jesus by how they treat the oppressed. In the final judgment, Jesus will recognize his followers by their behavior. We don’t know if Jesus will come back soon or not for another 1000 years. Jesus’ advice to those waiting for his return 2000 years ago is the same for us: be prepared at any time, but be prepared to wait. Make sure you are using what you have been given to do God’s work, and let your belief in Jesus show in how you treat others.

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