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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 47

Galatians 2

Paul continues his argument by telling them that the leaders of the church in Jerusalem were fully supportive of his ministry. He had been leading Gentiles to Christ and been welcomed. Specifically, he had arrived in Jerusalem with Titus, who was not a Jew and not circumcised, and he was accepted as a fellow follower of Jesus. Paul even openly criticized Peter for acting like a Jew around Jews and acting like a Gentile around Gentiles. The implication is that Peter recognized his error and corrected it. The difficulty for Jews in accepting Gentiles wasn’t just racism. Jews tried to live according to the Old Testament Law. That means they lived a lifestyle with higher standards than Gentiles. The Jews found many of the behaviors of Gentiles to be disgusting! They couldn’t imagine God could love people like that and give them access to salvation through Jesus. Are there people you are convinced God could not love or accept? Maybe it’s a group of people who behave in ways you find repulsive. Maybe it’s a particular person who has hurt you in some way. God loves everyone! Can you view the people God loves in the same way he does?

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