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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 54

Romans 1

Just like Galatians, Paul wrote Romans as a letter to the church in Rome. Unlike Galatians, Paul had not started this church. Since Paul had not been to Rome, he seems to be concerned that the people in the church have not been taught want they need to know. His motivation for writing the letter appears to be giving the people an introduction to many Christian beliefs. Many see Romans 1:16 & 17 as the theme for the book. Paul says that God’s righteousness is demonstrated in his treatment of humanity.

Paul begins with an introduction and speaks of his longing to visit the church in Rome. Fortunately for us, Paul had been unable to visit and is writing to them instead. Had he visited Rome earlier, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to read Romans. Paul then begins his arguments for the righteousness of God. When God judges those who have not been exposed to the Bible or people who know the Bible, this seems unfair. How could God condemn someone who has never heard the truth? Paul points out that a common experience for everyone is being exposed to creation. God had provided for us in abundant ways, but rather than recognize that there is a loving God out there who did all this, some choose to worship things in creation. The idols many have worshipped in human history look like things God created and ignore the God who created them. As a result of this lack of recognition of God, God allows humanity to pursue deeper and deeper levels of sin. Even though it is obvious to them that they are behaving in ways that are wrong, they still do not turn to God. We don’t find too many people worshiping idols today, but that doesn’t mean people don’t worship creation rather than the Creator. People cross the line of taking care of the earth God has created to caring for the earth because it sustains us. They move from studying science because it reveals the character of our Creator to studying science to prove he doesn’t exist. Certainly those who have been exposed to the message of Jesus are more likely to come to him, but everyone has the option of responding to God in positive ways.

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