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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 80

Hebrews 3

Moses would have been held in very high regard by Jews because he had given the people of Israel the law. We are told that Jesus is even greater than Moses. Jesus and Moses were both faithful to what God called them to do. The nation of Israel is portrayed as a house. Moses is part of the house, but Jesus, being the Creator, is the Builder. The building may be magnificent, but the Builder is the One who deserves the credit. If we go back to the Old Testament and see how the people behaved under Moses’ leadership, we would find they were often rebellious. The writer is warning that we should not treat Jesus in the way Israel treated Moses. Who is your greatest hero? Maybe you look up to a parent, or leader in some area of interest; maybe a historical figure or brilliant thinker. Jesus is greater and worthy of our worship! Don’t walk away from him when following him becomes inconvenient.

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