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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

Day 88

Hebrews 9

Repairing your relationship with God in the Old Testament involved going to a special building and observing ceremonies overseen by priests. There is something very comforting about those kinds of ceremonies, but the writer of Hebrews is pointing out their limited access to God. Because of the death of Jesus, we have unlimited access to God. It was Jesus’ blood that was sacrificed to repair our relationship with God, rather than that of animals. Jesus was a much greater sacrifice with an eternal result! Having unlimited access to God is a great privilege we often take for granted. We can go to God in prayer anywhere, at any time. We can confess our sins directly and not carry them around until the next opportunity to go to a temple or see a priest. But people often carry the guilt of sin around with them and don’t take care of it right away. If you are carrying guilt around today, confess it now. Go immediately to God through your High Priest, Jesus, and tell God you are sorry, want to avoid sinning like that again and have your relationship with God made right.

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