Day 4 | LCBC Church
  1. Bible Reading
  2. How to "Be Rich"

Day 4


Read Luke 12:16-21

At first glance, maybe you’re confused by this passage. After all, shouldn’t we honor hard work and good planning like the farmer from Jesus’ story? Culturally speaking we’d say that kind of diligence should be celebrated! While these attributes are worth modeling, there is a catch. We must remember that our success is not achieved on our own.

Good farmers know that they can’t make their crops grow - they are dependent on several factors outside of their control. Combine that pride with the farmer’s selfish attitude, and you have a recipe for disaster. “Now that I have arrived, let me put my feet up and relax.” Our blessing and resources aren’t intended for our sole consumption. We’re blessed so we might pass it on. Don’t let your success sink into your heart and become pride. Instead, remember God wants to use you to impact those around you.

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