Day 6 | LCBC Church
  1. Bible Reading
  2. How to "Be Rich"

Day 6


Read Matthew 6:25-34

Are you a worrier?

The statistics about the amount of us that face anxiety and depression is staggering. What attributes to our crippling fears that bounce around our head and linger in our hearts? Perhaps we get caught in the trap of focusing too much on tomorrow and not enough on the present.

The truth is that we aren’t alone. As Jesus addresses his hillside audience, they were caught in the same trap. What will I wear? Do we have enough? What about our uncertain economy? While planning for the future is wise, getting lost in fear of the unknown isn’t helpful. Jesus’ encouragement stands as true today as it was 2,000 years ago. Seek God’s kingdom first, and the rest of our needs will be met. So, what does it mean to seek God’s kingdom? Focus on the thing that God cares most about - people. Love and serve people and point them to Jesus and his kingdom today, because we can’t control tomorrow’s outcomes.

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