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Day 52



After Assyria defeated Israel, as we saw in 2 Kings 17, Assyria attacks Judah. Hezekiah is now king and is another who follows God. Assyria is the strongest nation around at the time, and they assume that means they have the strongest gods. Since Hezekiah has destroyed all of the idols in Judah, they assume those gods will be unhappy and will not protect Judah. Given all this, the Assyrians begin to insult the nation, their king and their God. God steps in and destroys their army. Historians tell us that the entire region fell to the Assyrians except for Jerusalem. Later in the chapter, we are told that Hezekiah became proud, but he recognized his sin and God allowed Judah to continue.

It is common for people to insult God today. They make fun of him and those who believe in him. Although they may succeed for a time, God will demonstrate his power in his time.

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