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Jesus is Resurrected - Ascension


Read - Luke 24

Jesus is risen. He has overcome the events and crucifixion of Friday, won the battle over sin, being raised from the dead.

Not just in Luke 24, but also, from Matthew, Mark and John, We see Jesus take his last steps here on earth over a 40 day period.

In Mark 16:9-11 we find that Jesus first appears to Mary, the same woman we read he stayed with just over a week ago, one of Jesus’ closest friends. We see him appear again to his disciples. And in other biblical passages we find out he appeared to his brother James, and more than 500 others during this 40 day period.

Just like on Day 1 of this plan, Jesus led by example. In verse 50 he travels with his disciples back to an area near Bethany, spending his final moments with them, continuing to pour his knowledge and heart into them.

But not long after, would be taken back to heaven in the sky, taking his final step here on earth.

As we see Jesus’ final steps on earth, the legacy of his steps would continue and forge their own path. If you have made it this far don’t stop reading here. Luke wrote a sequel to this book titled the book of “Acts”.

In Acts 9: You will find that Jesus actually had some more steps here on earth as he continued to build his church that would grow for generations. And we here at LCBC are so excited to get to be a part of that mission.

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