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The Joy of Giving


Read: Acts 20:35


Have you ever experienced the joy of seeing someone benefit from a gift you had given them, or from something generous you did for someone else? Likewise, at some point in life, you may have found yourself on the receiving end of generosity. It’s humbling in many cases. And while we can sometimes be uncomfortable with receiving, it’s part of God’s design because in order to be the recipient, there must also be a giver. By God’s very own nature He is a giver and we are in His image. As followers of Jesus, our need to give far outweighs the need of the receiver. From a worldly standpoint, that may not make sense. But in God's economy, it’s better to give than receive. Giving challenges our selfishness and helps us to live open handedly with what God has provided for us. Giving with the right heart helps us to become more Christlike.


Lord, Thank you for being a generous giver and for creating me in your image. I want to be more like you. Help me to experience the blessing of giving. Help me to live open handedly, willing and eager to bless others, because when I bless others, you bless me.

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