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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Seven


Read: Luke 2:1-5

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Interruptions are the worst.

Like when you’re in the car ready to leave and someone has to use the bathroom. Or when you are out the door and can’t find your phone. Or you just want to grab one thing quickly at the store and everyone wants to stop and talk. We have a hard time getting interrupted. This is a trait we need to change because apparently God’s is interruptible. The whole Christmas story is one big interruption.

Imagine you’re Mary, pregnant with the Son of God. Major life interruption. You had plans for your life but now they are on hold. Okay – so while preparing for that, you get something in the mail about a census.

Are you kidding me?

Okay, let’s do this and get it over with.

You get there and you go into labor (just your luck) inside a house full of strangers. Awkward. Oh, and just when you have a moment swaddling your child and putting him down to rest in an *animal trough*, a group of shepherds shows up.

You gotta be kidding me.

Does Mary have any time for herself?

Let’s face it, the whole Christmas story appears to be one constant parade of interruptions. Nothing is normal. Nothing seems to have a clear plan from start to finish.

That is how it seems in the present.

Looking back, however, we can see how it all had a design. What we called interruptions were pieces of God’s puzzle coming together. If we know this, we should plan on the unexpected this Christmas. Yes, you can still have a minute or two to yourself, but be prepared for the interruptions. Create margin to absorb them. Plan to leave 30 minutes earlier or stay 30 minutes extra. Give yourself 20 minutes longer at the store in case God has someone for you to meet. That tag-along on your date could be sent from God. Sometimes spending time with your neighbor is more important than a clean house.

Be interruptible. Those that do are used by God.

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