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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Three


Read: Luke 1:26-38

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Talk about opposites …

Yesterday - an old man’s doubts, today - a young woman’s faith.

Recently engaged at about 14 years of age, Mary’s young life has been turned upside down. In the midst of this great change, an angel appears to her and says,

“Hey, you’re pregnant…”

This in itself would be a life-changing message, but there’s more.

“…and the baby is from God…

and this will radically change your life…so…don’t be afraid.”

Excuse me?

We are talking about a young lady who just a few years earlier was playing with dolls. This is a young woman who is just getting used to the idea of being engaged. Now imagine the news of being pregnant – add to that the news that God put it there. I mean, no one even checked in with her (“hey, are you okay if we do this thing?”). It was more like, “Surprise! You’re mother Mary!”

I think she has the right to be like, “Hold up, you did what?”

Look at her response though: Mary’s question is a whole lot different than Zechariah’s: “how can this happen, I am a virgin?” Mary’s question is less “how can it be?” and more “how will it be?” Big difference. She is less interested in questioning the possibility and more interested in knowing the process.

Then God answers, “the Holy Spirit will do it.”

Not really a whole lot of details in that, but Mary is game. She responds with: “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.”

That’s either a very naïve prayer or we have here a woman who has abiding faith that no matter what God does, it is for the best. Today’s video talks about praying with palms up. Maybe it is time to come to God like Mary - with open hands and an open heart. “God, you lead the way today, because I trust you know what’s best for me.”

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