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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Twelve


Read: Luke 2:16-19

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When it says that Mary ‘kept all these things in her heart” it was more than just a feeling. She was pondering their meaning and preserving these memories to be treasured later. We do something similar when we grab our cell phone and snap a picture, but all too often they just sit on your phone – collected, but never treasured.

Mary treasured her moments. That means she pondered them – thinking about their meaning, talking to God about what she should do in response.

We should be thankful she treasured these memories because who else do you think gave Luke all these snapshots? Who else would have been there with Zechariah and Elizabeth and Jesus’ birthday in Bethlehem and the magi and Herod and the shepherds and the angels? Luke wasn’t there. The disciples weren’t there. Joseph is gone.

It was Mary.

The first two chapters of this Gospel are essentially the Gospel of Mary.

She treasured all these things – not as a way of locking them up – but as a way to preserve them so you would know what it felt like to be there at the birth of Jesus. We can feel the excitement of Elizabeth’s greeting or the foreboding prophecy of Simeon and Anna. These are the stories of how Mary abided with God - abiding is trusting in God and feeling His presence as He guides us in life. Her story gives us hope that we, too, have a story with God.

Christmas is upon us.

Over the next week you have a ton of treasure coming your way. Collect it all and write it down, ponder it. May you have memories of abiding with God. May your story help others in their story.

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