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Day 1: Do Not Be Afraid


Read: Mark 9:21-24

In this reading plan, we want to help you take steps to navigate a season of doubt. Doubt can creep in through a season of normalcy where we can tend to grow complacent. It can also rush in through a season of emergency where our life is seemingly in chaos. Of course, there are plenty of stops between complacency and chaos where it’s easy to doubt what we believe. Whatever way this season started for you, don’t be afraid of it!

The Father in your reading today is certainly in a chaotic moment – his son has been struggling with something from birth and there is a man named Jesus that could help him. In these moments, we have a tendency to believe anything is possible, really. However, you can still hear the doubt in his voice through this little phrase: “If you can.” Of course Jesus can, but does the Father believe he can? The Father wants to and asks Jesus to help him fill in the cracks of his unbelief.

The truth is, this moment for the Father was not a moment where his faith went away – God was actually growing his faith. He was maturing and growing into a new season of faith – one that is tested and true. We wish growth didn’t feel so disorienting sometimes, but God promises to work in us through it all if we let him.

Jesus can help you overcome your unbelief, too. So don’t be afraid of leaning into your doubts and questions - he’s big enough to handle them! 

Additional Passage: Ephesians 4:13-15 

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