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Day 2: Admit What You Don’t Know


Read: Isaiah 55

One of the first temptations we have in a season of doubt is to find all the answers to all the questions. We suddenly desire to become scientific experts or investigative journalists as we scour the internet looking for precise answers to precise questions. The cool thing is that there are answers to many of your questions, and the process of searching is fascinating. However, that’s not the best place to start. Admitting you don’t know everything will put you at a much better starting point.

The prophet Isaiah has a unique invitation to the Israelites here in Chapter 55. They are in exile – a place far from home and pretty uncomfortable. Doubt can feel pretty similar to exile, and that’s why Isaiah’s invitation seems to carry in this moment. He invites you to get a drink, seek, and listen. That sounds kind of like getting coffee with Jesus! But through this we’re reminded that his thoughts aren’t our thoughts – his ways are not our ways. We have to start with admitting we don’t know everything.

God isn’t going to fit in our neat box that we have for him. Our faith is going to grow into the expanse that God is.

Additional Passages: Isaiah 40:15; 1 Corinthians 1:27

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