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Day 3: Remember What You Do Know


Read: Matthew 11:1-7

Doubting is not all about the search for answers. Sometimes we simply forget. It is easy to forget about all the things that we do know about God, especially in times of complacency and chaos.

John the Baptist had this moment where God did not fit his expectations, and it sent him into a season of doubt. We only get a brief snapshot in Matthew 11, but I can imagine this was not a quick little moment - these questions had been brewing in John. Then he finally gives voice to his question, “Should we expect someone else?” This is a faith shifting question for John – you can sense he is just on the verge of ditching it altogether. Yet, Jesus simply reminds him of something he already knows – the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cleaned, the dead are raised, and good news is proclaimed to the poor – that’s a reference from an old promise in Isaiah 32 and 35 about Jesus before he came. Jesus is simply saying something John already knows – look through the chaos, continue to trust, remember who I am.

Sometimes we stumble and fall not because we have genuine questions, but because God doesn’t fit our expectations. Jesus is inviting you to know him, not confirming the version of God you have established.

Additional Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10

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