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Day 4: Look for Answers


Read: John 20:24-29

There are also times in our doubt to look for answers to legitimate questions. Honestly, the Christian faith is different from the rest of the world (on purpose!). Anytime you come across weird words in the Scripture, something scientific puts some tension on your faith, or our culture is cynical towards our way of life, it is perfectly normal to say, “Wait…do I believe this like I say I do?” “Why do I believe this?”

Thomas had this moment, and we have to give Thomas a break here. Think about it – someone dead coming back to life? A lot of us would probably have the same response, “Show me the nail prints.” Thomas had a moment where he needed to see something and get an answer. And Jesus showed up for him.

There are answers to the questions you’re looking for - keep looking and trust that Jesus will show up to help show you.

Additional Passage: Romans 10:17

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