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Day 5: Keep Asking Questions


Read: Judges 6:36-40

There will be a time in your doubt when you’ll need to make a leap of faith. Even when you’ve found your answers, there is still something unknown in the midst of faith. Central to the Christian faith is the belief that there is more to life than what we see. But even after we take the leap, we won’t be void of moments of uncertainty.

Gideon had a moment of uncertainty. Again, we have to give Gideon some slack on this one – God is telling Gideon to only use a 300-man army to go fight a war. And God tells him that if Gideon does this, putting his trust in God, he will win. Gideon started with 32,000 men. Now he has 300. Any of us would probably have some follow up questions too - and Gideon looks for confirmation before heading out.

Ultimately, there is some wisdom to this, and we see that God honors Gideon’s request. Sometimes we have to wait a minute to make sure we’re getting something right. Keep asking the questions, because there is something holy about the curiosity and wonder in the midst of the battles of life.

And remember that doubting and questioning when it comes to faith is normal - it means you are seeking God even deeper than you ever have before. If you’re looking for more ways to explore your questions, join a Group at LCBC around exploring faith using the Group Finder at

Additional Passage: Hebrews 11:1

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