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Registration Now Open!

Fall Retreat is a don’t miss event for anyone in grades 9-12. Register today!

September 9-11


About Fall Retreat

High school students from all of our campuses will be excited to travel to Lake Champion camp in New York for a life-changing weekend! Fall Retreat is a place for your student to spend time connecting with their Group and God through worship, teaching, games, adventure elements and much more! This year we’re excited to host one camp for all of our high school students in grades 9-12 in the fall.

Registration Deadlines

Type Date Cost
Early-Bird August 3 $210
Deadline August 25 $230

*Pay with a payment plan till the end of August
**Refunds available until August 25


  • What time will students check-in for Fall Retreat?

    Students should be dropped off on Friday, September 9 at the following times:

    • Berks - 3:45pm at Ephrata
    • BranchCreek - 4:15pm
    • Clarks Summit -6pm at Dickson City
    • Coal Township - 5:30pm at Columbia-Montour
    • Columbia-Montour - 5:30pm
    • Dickson City - 6pm
    • Ephrata - 3:45pm
    • Hanover - 3:45pm at York
    • Harrisburg - 4pm
    • Hazleton - 6pm
    • Lancaster City - 3:45pm
    • Lebanon - 3:45pm at Ephrata
    • Manheim - 3:45pm
    • Northern Dauphin - 4pm at Harrisburg
    • Waynesboro - 1:45pm
    • West Schuylkill - 5:30pm at Columbia-Montour
    • West Shore - 4pm at Harrisburg
    • Wilkes-Barre - 6:00pm at Dickson City
    • York - 3:45pm
  • What time will students arrive home from Fall Retreat?

    Students will arrive home at the campus that they departed from on Sunday, September 11:

    • Berks - 5:30pm at Ephrata
    • BranchCreek - 4:15pm
    • Clarks Summit - 3pm at Dickson City
    • Coal Township - 3:30pm at Columbia-Montour
    • Columbia-Montour - 3:30pm
    • Dickson City - 3pm
    • Ephrata - 5:30pm
    • Hanover - 5:30pm at York
    • Harrisburg - 4:30pm
    • Hazleton - 3pm
    • Lancaster City - 5:30pm
    • Lebanon - 5:30pm at Ephrata
    • Manheim - 5:30pm
    • Northern Dauphin - 4:30pm at Harrisburg
    • Waynesboro - 7:15pm
    • West Schuylkill - 3:30pm at Columbia-Montour
    • West Shore - 4:30pm at Harrisburg
    • Wilkes-Barre - 3pm at Dickson City
    • York - 5:30pm
  • How do you ensure my student’s safety?
    • We are bringing our own security and medical teams that will be present throughout the entire weekend at Fall Retreat. We also have access to rapid COVID-19 tests, urgent cares, and hospitals within a short distance.
    • Please note that we cannot hold on to or dispense the prescriptions that your student brings. We ask that they keep the medication with them and take it as prescribed. Medications must be in their original packaging. Please prepare them ahead of time to take their own medications. A trained medical volunteer will be present at all times during Fall Retreat to assist with general medical needs and emergencies.
    • What COVID-19 precautions might be part of my student’s time at Fall Retreat?
      • We will pay close attention to any local or state guidelines as we approach Fall Retreat, and notify you of any changes. At this time masks will be needed only in the wellness center and you will be asked screening questions at check-in.
    • What happens if someone gets sick at Fall Retreat? Will everyone have to go home?
      • We anticipate that the pre-retreat information, precautions, proactive mitigation measures, and operational changes we are implementing while students are onsite will allow all students, volunteers, and staff to stay for the entire length of the Fall Retreat event. However, if a student, volunteer, or staff member presents with COVID-19 symptoms during Fall Retreat, that person, and all students and staff in their Group, may be isolated and/or sent home. We will notify you and ask permission to test if symptoms or exposure occurs.
  • What does my student need to bring?

    • 3 sets of clothes (including an outfit that can get messy/ruined!)
    • Sleeping bag & pillow
    • Toiletries
    • Towel
    • Bible & pen
    • Flashlight (for real! the camp gets really dark!)
    • Spending money for the camp store & snack shop
  • Can my student bring their cell phone?

    We discourage students from bringing their cell phones to Fall Retreat as it is a great time to “unplug.” However, the final decision lies with the parent/guardian. If you believe that your student is capable of being responsible with their device, they may use it at appropriate times (for example: taking pictures, free time, Bible reading). We believe that it is important for students to learn how to appropriately engage with their devices, and our leaders aim to help guide our students to learn how to do so; however, if cell phones are used inappropriately, they may be confiscated. All confiscated devices will be returned at the end of the weekend.

  • How can I follow along throughout the weekend?

    You can follow along with us all throughout the weekend via social media.

    • Instagram - lcbcstudents
  • What is included in my ticket cost?

    Your ticket includes 2 nights, 3 days, and 5 meals at beautiful Lake Champion camp in Glen Spey, New York. It also includes transportation, all activities, gatherings, and fun surprises!

  • What if I need financial assistance?

    We have scholarships available for families who need additional assistance. You can click apply for our scholarship application below.

    Apply Here

Have additional questions?

We'd be happy to answer them! Reach out and we'll follow up promptly.

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