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A Series of Webinars to Help You Thrive in 2023

About New Year, Now What?

The New Year is a great time to consider the question, “now what?” With a whole year ahead of us, what areas can we make a positive change to experience new habits that will lead to a richer and more satisfying life? It’s time to stop replaying the soundtrack that tells us this is our reality and replace it with truth and practices that can actually lead to lasting change.

Physical Health

Tuesday, January 10, 8-9pm

Every year, millions of people resolve to get in shape physically only to stall and falter before February. How can having a personal vision and holistic understanding of health help us resolve to keep our resolutions?


Spiritual Health

Tuesday, January 17, 8-9pm

One of the most overlooked goals is spiritual growth. Yet when we prioritize what’s happening within us, it affects everything around us. Explore some essential habits to help you connect with God and ground your faith.


Mental Health

Tuesday, January 24, 8-9pm

Anxiety and depression aren’t buzzwords; they are the everyday reality in which many of us feel trapped. How can we equip ourselves with tools to help us overcome the emotions that hold us hostage.


Financial Health

Tuesday, January 31, 8-9pm

We all feel the tension of rising costs and the pain that comes from post-Christmas spending. How can we manage our finances to experience freedom instead of fear as we start 2023?


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