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We are excited that this summer we will again be having two Wildfire camps! We can’t wait to host two camps of Wildfire for middle school students in grades 5-7. Please view the two dates below to see which camp your LCBC location is attending.

July 16-19

Berks, BranchCreek, Clarks Summit, Coal Township, Columbia-Montour, Dickson City, Ephrata, Hazleton, Lancaster City, Lebanon, Wilkes-Barre

July 20-23

Hanover, Harrisburg, Manheim, Northern Dauphin, Waynesboro, West Schuylkill, West Shore, York

About Wildfire

Middle school students in grades 5-7, during the 2022-2023 school year, from all of our locations and community gatherings will be excited to travel to North Bay Camp in Maryland for the best experience of their summer! Wildfire will allow your student to spend time connecting with their cabin Group and God through worship, teaching, games, adventure elements and much more.

Cost: $325

Refunds available until June 27th

$325 Registration Closes June 27th


  • What is the cancellation/refund policy this year?
    • Refunds are available until registration closes on June 27th. If the camping office needs to cancel a camp, you will be notified and also receive a full refund.
    • Regardless of notice given, if a student cannot attend camp in the event of illness, COVID-19 exposure, or a family emergency, we will provide a full refund. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to request a refund. A refund will be issued only if requested. All student and leader refunds may be requested by emailing
  • What time will students check-in for Wildfire?
    • Check in for both Camp 1 (July 16) and Camp 2 (July 20) are as follows:
      1. Berks - 5:30pm
      2. BranchCreek - 5pm
      3. Clarks Summit @ Dickson City - 4pm
      4. Coal Township @ Columbia-Montour - 3:30pm
      5. Columbia-Montour - 3:30pm
      6. Dickson City - 4pm
      7. Ephrata - 6pm
      8. Hanover - 4:30pm
      9. Harrisburg - 5:30pm
      10. Hazleton - 3:30pm
      11. Lancaster City - 5:45pm
      12. Lebanon - 5:15pm
      13. Manheim - 5:15pm
      14. Northern Dauphin @ Harrisburg - 5:30pm
      15. Waynesboro - 3pm
      16. West Shore - 5:30pm
      17. West Schuylkill @ Harrisburg - 5:30pm
      18. Wilkes-Barre @ Dickson City - 4pm
      19. York - 5:30pm
  • What time will students arrive home from Wildfire?
    • Arrival home times for both Camp 1 (on July 19) and Camp 2 (on July 23) are as follows:
      1. Berks - 2:30pm
      2. BranchCreek - 2pm
      3. Clarks Summit @ Dickson City - 4pm
      4. Coal Township @ Columbia-Montour - 3:30pm
      5. Columbia-Montour - 3:30pm
      6. Dickson City - 4pm
      7. Ephrata - 2pm
      8. Hanover - 3:30pm
      9. Harrisburg - 2pm
      10. Hazleton - 3:30pm
      11. Lancaster City - 2pm
      12. Lebanon - 2pm
      13. Manheim - 2:30pm
      14. Northern Dauphin @ Harrisburg - 2pm
      15. Waynesboro - 3:30pm
      16. West Shore - 3pm
      17. West Schuylkill @ Harrisburg - 2pm
      18. Wilkes-Barre @ Dickson City - 4pm
      19. York - 3pm
  • How can you ensure my student’s safety?
    • We are bringing our own security and medical teams that will be present throughout the entire weekend at NorthBay. We also have access to rapid COVID-19 tests, urgent cares, and hospitals within a short distance.
    • Please note that we cannot hold on to or dispense the prescriptions that your student brings. We ask that they keep the medication with them and take it as prescribed. Please prepare them ahead of time to take their own medications. A trained medical volunteer will be present at all times during Wildfire to assist with general medical needs and emergencies.
  • What are the sleeping arrangements like and who will oversee my student?
    • Your student will be assigned to a cabin with a leader(s) who is background checked and cleared to serve in LCBC Student Ministry.
  • What kind of activities will my student participate in?
    • Each day students will participate in group games competing in team color battles. A few weeks prior to camp, you will receive an email with your student’s assigned color. During free time, students will have access to all of North Bay’s adventure elements including the giant swing, high ropes course, zipline and the pool. We also provide board games, arts & crafts supplies and daily special activities, like bingo, during free time.
  • What does my student need to bring?

    What to Bring

    • 4 sets of clothes (include an outfit that can get messy/ruined!)
    • Modest swimwear- we ask everyone to choose swimwear that is comfortable while maintaining modesty during active play (waterslides, zip line etc). Many two-piece suits meet the standard of modesty, but boys speedos and girls bikinis can miss the mark for the highly active nature of our event.
    • Sleeping bag and pillow
    • Toiletries (make sure to include sunscreen!)
    • Towel
    • Bible and pen
    • Spending money for the camp store & snack shop
    • Refillable Water Bottle!
  • Can my student bring their cell phone?
    • We discourage students from bringing their cell phones to Wildfire as it is a great time to “unplug.” However, the final decision lies with the parent/guardian. If you believe that your student is capable of being responsible with their device, they may use it at appropriate times (for example: taking pictures, free time, Bible reading). We believe that it is important for students to learn how to appropriately engage with their devices, and our leaders aim to help guide our students to learn how to do so; however, if cell phones are used inappropriately, they may be confiscated. All confiscated devices will be returned at the end of camp.
  • How can I follow along throughout camp?
    • You can follow along with us all throughout the camp via social media.
    • Instagram - @lcbcstudents and #Wildfire23
    • YouTube -
    • Twitch -
      • *we plan to stream our gatherings during Camp 2 on our YouTube & Twitch formats
  • What is included in my ticket cost?
    • Lodging for 3 nights and 4 days, 8 meals, adventure activities, and more!
  • What if I need financial assistance?
  • How can I support Wildfire?
    • We always have student scholarship requests. Donations can be given anytime by using this link
    • We also have openings for Group leaders now and at Wildfire. To serve with us email

Have additional questions?

We'd be happy to answer them! Reach out and we'll follow up promptly.

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