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Next Steps for Families

At kidVenture Island life change happens one kid at a time. The best way to grow in our relationship with Jesus as a family is by taking Next Steps to fully follow him.

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Did you know that time matters? Your child is only this age for 52 weeks, so how can you maximize this year? Come and experience kidVenture Island alongside your child, discover the PHASE your child is in, connect with other parents, and take steps to lead your family towards fully following Jesus.

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Family Prayer

Trusting Jesus

Our leaders are trained to answer questions that kids may have about asking Jesus to be their Forever Friend. kidVenture Island is a great place for kids to learn about Jesus, but we recognize that this decision to follow him as a Forever Friend is a great opportunity for families to take part in together.

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Parent Cue

Learning Together

Keep the conversation going at home by using the activities and resources you receive at kidVenture Island. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out the Bible story and key truths your kids learned with us. The Parent Cue App is a great way to connect the weekend to everyday moments—in the car, at the dinner table, and when bedtime hits.

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Listening & Singing Together

Kids love to sing, dance, and show you how much they are learning at kidVenture Island. Here you can find videos that they can enjoy at home. These are the same songs they hear every weekend at kidVenture Island.

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Next Steps for Kids

Like adults, we believe that all kids have next steps available to them. We encourage you to talk with your child about what their best next step could be and pray over it together. Whether it's inviting, serving, or trusting Jesus, we all have a next step—no matter how young or old we are.

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We love to create a culture of inviting. Kids receive fun tools that will make it easy for them to invite anybody and everybody in your neighborhood.

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Spending Time with God

Create a daily habit of spending time with God through prayer and Bible reading. When praying, speak simply and use regular words. Find a Bible that works for your kids, like the Beginner’s Bible or the Adventure Bible.

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Giving is an opportunity for kids to learn that all things come from God, even our money. It’s a way to show God that we trust him, and it’s a way to thank him. Look for our “Gifts To God” opportunity in your kids’ environment.

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We understand the impact kids can make when they are given opportunities to serve. Kids who start serving at a young age are more likely to stay connected to church as they become teenagers and young adults. Starting in Kindergarten, kids can serve their peers as a part of kidWorship.

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When your child is baptized, they’re publicly declaring they’re ‘all in’ as a follower of Jesus. In order to participate in Baptism, kids should be old enough to tell their story of life change and the impact Jesus has had in their life. Generally, kids start to ask questions about Baptism around the age of 8. As a parent, you know your child best and may want to encourage your child to wait even longer until they’re mature enough to make the decision for themselves.

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