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I feel like I’m about to go under. Something has got to change.

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Breathing Room

David Ashcraft ·

When our lives are filled to the brim it can be tempting to wear "Busy" like a badge of honor. But God knows the importance of margin for our physical, emotional, and spiritual…

Choosing Discipline

David Ashcraft ·

If we're serious about finding breathing room, we have to start choosing discipline. Are you ready to put in the work?

Living with Wisdom

Jason Mitchell ·

We don't have to wait until our time runs out to realize the brevity of life. Living with wisdom today means we don't have to live with regret tomorrow. What choices do we need to…

Demonstrating Trust

David Ashcraft ·

Insecurity around finances can be the biggest thief of peace in our lives. But God has given us an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in him...if we're willing to put him to the…

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