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When the world we live in is harsh, and our lives are less than ideal, we wonder – where is God in all of this? What’s our next move when God makes no sense?

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Wrestling With God

Jason Mitchell ·

When it comes to the difficult moments in our lives, we often ask, "Why, God?" But if we choose to stay close to God and wrestle through these seasons, we may find he has a bigger…

Running to God

David Ashcraft ·

Most of us come to a time in our lives when we seriously doubt or question God. When God doesn't give us what we want, we tend to shut him out. How, in these moments, can we run…

God's Big Picture

John Wilkinson ·

There are times in our lives when we treat God like a vending machine - we expect what we ask for. But our faith must be in the power of God, not the power of what we make plans…

Facing Storms

Matt Parks ·

Facing difficult moments in our lives are inevitable, and while we can't always choose to avoid these storms, we can choose how we respond in them.

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