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4 Fun Ways to Wrap Up Your Group

So you jumped in a Group, went through a study, you laughed, maybe cried, got closer to each other and closer to God, and now it’s finally time to wrap things up. Or, maybe you did all that, and you want to keep going! Either way, you’re ready for a celebration—a way to commemorate your time together. If you need somewhere to start, check out these 4 ways to wrap up the end (or official beginning!) of your Group together.

1. Throw a Party

Group parties are the best kind of parties! Coordinate to have everyone bring a snack, drink, or dessert, or pitch in and order some pizzas or plan to grill. Play games, watch a movie, do a craft, whatever works for your Group, and remember why life is better connected.

2. Celebrate Next Steps

As you bring your Group to a close, take intentional time to look back over the past weeks and celebrate the growth that you see. Point out what you see in your fellow Group members, and what you see in yourself, in the form of taking next steps or just what you’ve shared. It’s a rewarding way to look back at what you’ve accomplished and see how far you’ve come.

3. Have Fun Together

Break out of your normal Group setting and hit the town together! Share a meal at a local restaurant, hit the park and let the kids run around, or get competitive over an activity like bowling, mini golf, laser tag, or an Escape Room. No matter what you decide, you’ll leave even closer than before, and with memories that will last.

4. Plan for the Future

No matter how you choose to wrap up your Group, spend a few minutes deciding what’s next. Will your Group take a break and then start meeting again regularly after a few months? What are some ways you can stay connected even if you don’t choose to keep meeting? Will some of your Group break off into a new Group for the time being? Taking a few minutes to plan now will make a big difference for the future of your Group.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to take some time to really have fun together. The best connections are made when you’re enjoying each other’s company. And if you’re looking to start a new Group or jump into an existing one, use the Group Finder

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