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4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Live in Their Purpose

As parents, we always want our kids to be the best versions of themselves, and we spend time dreaming of who they might grow up to be. But ultimately as followers of Jesus, we want to raise our children to step into their purpose for the good of God’s Kingdom.

God placed your kids in your family, and you are their main influence when it comes to living a purpose-driven life. Below are 4 ways to encourage your kids to live in their purpose. 

1. Call out their strengths
When you see your child’s unique strengths, make a point to acknowledge them by calling them out specifically. Maybe it’s telling your Kindergartener that they’re a great listener when their sibling is upset, or your 5th Grader that you love how they pay attention to the small details when cleaning their room. Calling out their strengths gives your child the opportunity to recognize and celebrate their God-given gifts.

    2. Serve with them
    Look for opportunities to give and serve together as a family. Whether it’s raising money for important causes, bringing a meal to a neighbor, writing an encouraging note to a friend, or serving at church—these experiences will show your kids that what they can give matters, even if it feels small or insignificant. Read Corinthians 12:12-27 together to dive deeper.

    3. Support them in inviting friends to church
    When your child shows interest in bringing friends along to church, offer to host a fun sleepover the night before, or a playdate afterwards! Your child can make a big impact by simply extending an invitation to a friend. Let them know that they’re playing an important role in God’s Kingdom by making that invite, regardless of if it’s accepted or not.

    4. Remind them of their purpose
    You may think they know already, but keep reminding your child that they have a unique purpose for their lives. Read1 Timothy 4:12 together and explain that God doesn’t think any less of them just because they’re young—in fact, he has a purpose in mind just for them. 


      Your family is a unique part of God’s Kingdom—and when your kids know you believe that, they can start to live in their purpose. Learn more at lcbcchurch.com/kids

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