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5 Fun Things to Do with Your People Before Summer Ends

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close—but it’s not over yet! There’s still plenty of time left to grab friends, family, coworkers, or your Small Group and plan a fun day together before the fall weather starts to creep in. We believe that we weren't created to do life alone—having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God's Word alongside is a crucial part of all of our lives, so don’t miss an opportunity to spend quality time with your people before the summer’s over!

To get you started, here are 5 things you can do with your people before summer ends this year:

Put together a potluck

Friends and food are the perfect combination for this season, so pick a spot you can all meet up, like a local park or someone’s backyard, and have everyone plan to bring a dish or drink. Then celebrate the end of summer together with yard games, a bonfire, or just a circle of your people. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the ones we remember for a lifetime.

Go see a baseball game

Even if you’re not into sports, this can be a fun outing for the whole family or friend group! You can go big with a major league team and make a day of it, or stay local and support your community or minor league teams. Sport your team’s colors, splurge on some popcorn or hotdogs, and spend the day filled with team spirit as you cheer and laugh together. 

Be active! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get outside this summer—pick a day where it’s not supposed to be too hot and plan a hike, take a group walk, or go swimming together. Getting active as a group is a lot more fun than trying to do it alone, and you’ll strengthen your relationships while getting your exercise in for the day!

Spend the day at an amusement park

Summer is the perfect time to ride rollercoasters, munch on cotton candy, and float down lazy rivers at your closest amusement park! Take advantage of the water park and stay cool while you have fun running from ride to ride with your tribe. This is also a great time to see who’s the bravest out of all of you...have a contest to see who will ride the most coasters!

Get out of the house and into your community

Use your free time to bless someone this summer—find a community project or a neighbor in need and plan to be a part of serving somewhere, like your local retirement community or repairing your neighbor’s fence. Serving as a group gives you the opportunity to fill a need for someone and love them in a practical way, and it gives you a chance to work together as a family or group to bless someone and make a real difference in their life.    

Time spent always strengthens relationships, whether that’s with your friends, your spouse, your kids, or your Small Group. Take advantage of the time you have this summer and pick something fun to do with your people! 

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