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5 Indoor Date Night Ideas to Try This Winter

When the weather is bad (or just cold!), sometimes the best dates are spent inside with the one you love. Get cozy and creative this season with these 5 indoor date ideas that you can accomplish without leaving the house!

1. Cookie baking party

Have a party for two as you spend the night baking a few of your favorite cookie recipes together! One of you measures, the other stirs, and then you both get to enjoy. And we won’t tell anyone if you eat some cookie dough!

2. Delivery Date

Pick a common delivery food—pizza, subs, wings—and order one from every restaurant in the surrounding area. Have a taste testing party and decide who has the best dish! You get to indulge in a favorite food and find out who has the best option for the future.

3. Movie Marathon

Grab the sleeping bags (or the air mattress if you’re feeling luxurious) and make a list of the best movies you’ve been meaning to watch or rewatch together. Make some popcorn and settle in for a low-key night together.

4. Be the Chefs

Get fancy and do your best to create the kind of date night meal you’d get together at your favorite restaurant—then see how it stacks up! Maybe next time you’ll opt to save some money and eat at home again.

5. Get Competitive

Embrace all the fun that comes with a game night, whether that’s going old school with chess or bringing out the latest video game, you’ll be dishing out the trash talk and laughing at your luck in no time.

The best date nights are spent having the most fun with your person, no matter where you are or what’s on the agenda. Next time you’re looking for a fun night in, consult this list or come up with your own way to make memories with your significant other as homebodies!

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