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5 Reasons to Send Your Middle Schooler to Wildfire

In this day and age, it can be hard to tune out the noise and lean into what really matters. As adults, we know this-our calendars are full and we have seemingly endless responsibilities. When we do find some downtime, it’s easy to escape on our phones and start scrolling. Negativity on social media, news headlines, and tons of mindless (but entertaining!) content is vying for our attention.

Imagine being a middle schooler in 2022. They experience pressures from family, school, friends, social media, and more as they’re trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in. They’re experiencing things for the first time, and these years are formative in shaping their identity. How can we ensure they find their identity in who God says they are, not the world?

We'd love to come alongside you as parents and help your student realize their identity in Jesus. That’s why we created Wildfire.

Wildfire is a 4-day experience for students in Grades 5-7 where they will have the opportunity to connect with God and others in their cabin group through worship, teaching, games, adventure elements and much more. When you sign up your student for Wildfire, here are 5 gifts you’ll be giving them:

Time to Recenter and Refresh

Between school, sports, and home life, it can be hard to find margin to recharge. Without the distractions of the day-to-day, your student will be more inclined to lean in and hear how God wants to speak into their life. They’ll also get to put down their devices and release their energy in fun team games and activities, and gain a sense of independence as they are given the freedom to relax and enjoy.

Intentional Space to Process and Ask Questions

Your student will have the opportunity to process and ask questions about their faith in a safe, judgment-free environment during their cabin group time. Groups will discuss what they learned in the gatherings, and leaders will be there to help process and answer questions. They’ll get to hear how other students are experiencing God in their lives, and be encouraged by their leaders and peers.

Meaningful Friendships with Other Students

Shared experiences bond people together. During Wildfire, your student will grow closer to and develop friendship with their peers. They’ll make meaningful connections with other students in varying stages in their faith journeys. Every year we see students create lifelong friendships that help them grow closer to Jesus!

The Opportunity to Share Their Story with Others

We love stories of life change at LCBC, and we encourage students to share their stories-because they matter! Your student will hear others’ stories of how Jesus changed their lives, and they’ll get to practice articulating their own stories, too. Whether they accept Jesus for the first time at Wildfire, or they have already accepted Jesus, they will have a story to tell that will impact and inspire others.

The Opportunity to Connect with God in a Personal Way

Every morning at Wildfire starts with God at the center, as students take some time by themselves to read their Bible, pray, and journal before the day begins.

By sending your middle schooler to Wildfire, you’re investing in their spiritual growth. As they experience worship, teaching, group time - along with plenty of fun activities with others - they’ll be challenged to make their faith their own. Register your student for Wildfire today!

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