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6 Fun Ways to Tell the Christmas Story to Your Family

Whether you’re looking to add to your holiday traditions or to root your family in the meaning behind the season, telling the story of Christmas is a great way to gather everyone together. 

Sometimes it can be tough to keep everyone focused—from toddlers to teenagers—while you explore the history of the holiday right from the Bible itself. Try one or all of these methods to add a twist to your traditional storytelling.

Set the Scene

Jesus was born in what essentially was a garage, crowded with animals because the home was too full to fit Mary & Joseph. Instead of having your storyteller sit in front of the group, try snuggling up on a couch or on a few chairs to recreate that small space. We also know that there was a lot of celestial activity during the time of Jesus’ birth. Use a flashlight or a night light to shine stars on your ceiling or if the weather cooperates, read the story outside!

Choose a Source

Sometimes reading directly from the Bible may not be best for your audience. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, try reading a book that is more simplistic. If your children can read well, try having them read every other verse or page.

Pick Your Characters

Kids love learning through the use of characters! Grab a doll or stuffed animal to represent each character in the story. Get creative with wrapping your baby Jesus in a blanket and placing him in a basket. No dolls around? Use the characters in your nativity set or whatever else you have on hand.

Involve Tech

The Bible App for Kids is an excellent resource to help bring biblical stories to life! Watch this 30 minute video about Jesus’ birth as a family. Be sure to check out the parent guide, coloring pages, and adventure books! For older students, the Bible Project breaks down the book of Luke, which contains the Christmas story. To add some humor before you start reading, watch Christmas According to Kids!

If your family is into movies, you’ll love The Star, which is told from the perspective of the donkey that Mary takes to Bethlehem. Check your streaming services for availability. Some areas even have local movie theaters playing it this season! 

Explore Your Community

Live theater helps children and teenagers better understand the emotion behind the story and hear the various perspectives of characters such as Mary & Joseph. Many communities have professional theaters nearby that put on spectacular shows. Not into theater? Try looking up a local nativity display where you can walk through and experience the story.

Throw a Party

Christmas is a celebration! We’re so thankful that God sent Jesus into the world—why not throw a party? Add some cupcakes, balloons, and hats to get into the birthday spirit! You can even have a dance party with our kidVenture Island playlist!

No matter how you choose to tell the Christmas story this year, use the opportunity to bring your family together and remember the real meaning of Christmas. 

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