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Safe Environments

Creating Safe Environments

We are both saddened and sickened in hearing the news of the tragic events at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Our prayers go out to the members of this church as well as their families and communities that have been impacted by this senseless act of violence.

In light of these events, we realize there may be questions regarding our security measures at LCBC. Please know that we take safety very seriously at LCBC each and every week. Because evil does exist in the world and because tragedy can occur anywhere, we go to great lengths to prepare and protect and provide safety for our church family with our God-given talents and resources.

Our church’s mission is to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him, and that means creating environments where life change can happen through Jesus. A big part of creating those environments is making sure that every person who walks through our doors feels safe and secure in a place where they can grow in their relationship with God.

Therefore, LCBC prepares and protects utilizing several measures including uniformed security personnel, volunteer teams, off-duty police, security cameras and communication equipment, and a network of volunteers watching out for anyone or anything that seems out of place.

In addition to these precautions, we also believe that anyone and everyone who attends LCBC can play a major role in ensuring the safety of our church. We encourage everyone to be aware and to adopt the “see something, say something” motto. If something seems out of place, or if you see or hear something that is concerning to you, we’d ask that you say something to any staff member on your campus or to any of our volunteers located in our Atriums. They are there to help, and will gladly pass your concerns on to the correct personnel.

God is doing amazing things through our church, and we encourage everyone to continue to join us each weekend and be a part of the life change that God is facilitating through LCBC.

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