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Milestone Moments: Kids + Students

We love to celebrate milestones around our church, and one of the biggest milestones for our kids and students comes when the school year ends and they get to move to their new environments at LCBC! The biggest milestones come for our New Kindergarteners, New 5th Graders, and New 9th Graders the week of May 29-June 3.

New Kindergarteners

Moving up to Kindergarten is a BIG deal at kidVenture Island, and we know it’s a big deal for parents too! When you check your child in the weekend of June 1/2/3, your location's Guest Services team will celebrate your child as they Power Up into Kindergarten!

As parents of a New Kindergartener, you may be in the phase of life where unfiltered words make you laugh and your child is constantly shouting, “Look at me!” You and your New Kindergartener are invited to be a part of PHASE FOUR, an event where you’ll have an opportunity to join your child in their new kidVenture Island environment to discover the phase they’re in and how to make the most of it. Register to join in on the fun at your location this June!

Kids and Students
Kids and Students

New 5th & 9th Graders

When your student finishes Grade 4 at LCBC they officially go from being a kid to a student and move to a brand new environment! Collide is our environment for students in Grades 5-8 and takes place on weekends during normal LCBC gatherings. To see which gathering times and locations offer Collide visit and follow along with LCBC Collide on Instagram at @LCBCCollide.

Your 8th Grader’s transition into high school is one of the most significant milestones in their life, and we’re excited to celebrate it with your New 9th Grader as they move from Collide to HSM (High School Ministry)! HSM happens Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Find all the information on HSM at LCBC at, and check out what HSM looks like by following along with their Instagram account at @LCBCHSM.

We all want what’s best for our students, and in LCBC’s Student Ministry we want to partner with you to create an environment where your student will feel seen, accepted, and loved. Each week your student will have the chance to participate in fun games, hear a Biblical message that applies to their life, and connect with other students of their same age group and gender in a small group with a leader who speaks into their lives with intentionality.

If you have a New 5th Grader or New 9th Grader, they’ll be able to join us the weekend of June 1/2/3 in Collide (Grades 5-8) and Wednesday, May 29 in HSM (Grades 9-12). Students will celebrate the start of summer with Summer Kick Off—a gathering full of games, prizes, and more! Don’t miss it—we can’t wait to see your students there!

Regardless of what transition lies ahead for your kid or student, we're excited to partner with you and celebrate their next step together!

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