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Acts of Service - Day 1


Read Matthew 20:28

What’s Your Goal?
If we’re honest, a lot of times our goal in life is getting what we want. We might not say it that way, but we can often make choices around taking care of ourselves first and foremost.

It’s natural to come home at the end of a long day and hope someone else takes care of the dishes.

Who hasn’t wanted their restaurant choice to win out?

And of course it’s nice when someone in the office makes a Starbucks run and offers to get your afternoon pick-me-up.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it when someone else serves us. That can be an incredible blessing!

But the important question raised in Matthew 20:28 is, “is that your goal?” Are we primarily looking for ways to serve ourselves? To have others serve us?

Or are we living like Jesus, on-purpose to find ways to serve those around us?

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