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Gift Giving - Day 2


Read Philippians 2:3-5

Keep An Eye Out
If you ask someone with gift-giving as their primary love language, they’ll let you know it’s not really about the gift. It’s about the thought behind it.

Imagine two husbands giving their wives gifts for their birthday.

One opens up his wallet and hands his wife two crinkled twenty dollar bills.

The other gives his wife the newest book in her favorite series with a note saying he wants to take care of the kids so she can read a few chapters in peace and quiet.

Which wife do you think felt more valued?

It wasn’t about the price of the gift. It was about the thought behind it.

If you want to be really good at gift-giving, it’s about recognizing the interests of the people around you and keeping an eye out for ways to use gifts to say, “I care about what you care about…because I care about you.”

And no, this isn’t just a principle for marriage. With all the people in your life, take an interest in their interests and be on the lookout for ways to bless them!

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