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4 Ways to Win As A Group Leader

Thinking about leading a Group can feel intimidating. Are you qualified? Do you have the right tools? Will you be good at it? Here’s the relieving news—everyone has the potential to succeed and win when leading a Group. Check out these 4 areas to prioritize and practice, and then follow the nudge and start leading people through what it looks like to win at relationships!

1. Care - Create a culture of belonging, because people matter, and life is complicated

Everyone wants to know that they matter and that someone has their back. As a leader, you can provide care by being aware of what’s going on in people’s lives. You can’t care about what you don’t know, so ask questions and show up in predictable and unpredictable ways! Remember that you are a first responder—it’s not your job to fix everything, but to help fill the gaps. Be sure to set realistic limits for yourself and know that sometimes people will need more in-depth care than you can provide.

2. Equip - Replace yourself by passing on skills and knowledge to others

The mark of a great leader is someone who develops others. Lead your Group well so that others can learn from your example. As you lead, be sure to share responsibility, helping others have ownership in the Group too. Look for the right people to invest in—some reliable indicators are people who are humble, teachable, curious, and intentional.

3. Guide - Pray for and encourage your Group members towards their best next step 

Our role as leaders is to show the way and clear the path to enable others to walk more closely with Jesus. The best way to guide is to have a plan for where you want to lead. Before you start a Group, be sure to get familiar with the material you will use and the people in your Group. One of the best ways to get to know others is to have them share their stories. What are some defining moments, relationships, and steps on their faith journey? As you get to know those in your Group, be sure to pray for them by name. We can’t force someone to take their next step, but we can ask God to prompt the desire in their hearts. And don’t just pray, give your Group members a practical way to take a step forward, too! 

4. Grow - Lead yourself before you lead your Group, because you can’t give what you don’t have

Who we are will always set the limits on what we can do. If we want to be great leaders, we have to develop both our character and competencies. As we seek to help others fully follow Jesus, we must also stay connected to him. Connect with God by making time with him a priority each day. It doesn’t have to take long or be complicated; just find your chair, read a passage, and talk to him! Connecting with God and others by attending a gathering each week is another easy way to keep us growing! As we seek to develop our skills, we need to get around other leaders and experience helpful content. As a leader, we want to know you and help you get better by building a relationship with you and offering practical classes to give you the foundation you need to succeed. Be sure to take advantage of our Growth Track, leader huddles, and great online resources to help you grow in need-to-know moments of leadership! 

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