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5 Answers to Groups At LCBC FAQs

When it comes to connecting at LCBC, there are lots of ways to get involved, but the biggest point of connection comes when you get in a Group and start sharing, listening, and learning to live more like Jesus alongside others. We know that the concept of getting in a Group can seem intimidating or complicated, but the truth is that Groups can be encouraging, informative, social, study-focused, or anything that you want them to be! Check out some FAQs about Groups below, and use the Group Finder on LCBCchurch.com to find the perfect Group for you.

Q: Why does LCBC encourage Groups?

We believe that God designed us for community and that life is better when we experience it alongside others. We want to help everyone who is part of our community find their people and connect in meaningful and intentional relationships that will help them take their best next step, and that happens the best in Groups!

Q: Do Groups just study the Bible together?

A lot of our Groups do spend time focusing on hearing from God as they study the Bible together. However, not every Group chooses to do a study together. We have Groups based around similarities like stage of life, topics of interest, and activities. No matter what Group you are a part of, connecting with God and others will be part of the experience.

Q: How long does a Group last?

Groups meet in semesters four times a year. When you commit to a Group, you are typically signing up for a 4-6 week period of time. Every Group will let you know how long it’s running on our Group Finder.

Q: I don’t know much about the Bible, does this disqualify me from leading a Group?

Not necessarily! If you’ve trusted Jesus and are doing your best to follow him, we believe you can positively impact others. Grab some friends who might be growing in their faith and go after it together. Be real with those in your Group and let them know you are in process, just like they are! If leading isn’t the right fit, you can always jump in and be a part of a Group that already has a leader.

Q: How do I start a Group?

We’d encourage you to pray and ask God if he's leading you to lead a Group. Once you decide to lead, let us know you’re ready to be a Group leader. Then choose a topic you want to study or an activity you want to pursue with others. Invite some friends to join you or use the Group Finder to tell people that your Group is open and looking for more people to join! You’ll be up and running in no time!

Whether you want to lead a Group or jump into one, Groups At LCBC will keep you connected and growing with others as you explore faith, friendship, and how to live the best life together. Don’t forget to check out the Group Finder to find a Group that’s perfect for you!

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