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5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

Being intentional about our time with God strengthens our relationship with him

Here at LCBC, we want to provide you with resources that make reading the Bible a simple and everyday part of your life and your relationship with Jesus. Our 2017 plan is called Book by Book and is selected chapters from each book of the Bible. The Bible isn’t like most books that we read front to back; it’s a collection of books written by different authors at different times. We want everyone at LCBC to get a taste of each of those books. 

In part one of our reading plan, we covered the books of the Bible from Genesis to 2 Samuel. Most of what we read were stories of historical events that occurred from Creation to David being King of Israel. So you might not be a history buff, but there’s a reason it’s good to read these stories that has nothing to do with being a history expert—it’s to learn what God is like. The most important things we learn in life we learn from examples. For instance, you probably learned your first language, not by reading a dictionary or taking a class, but by listening to lots of people speak that language. You probably got to know your mom by watching her behavior, not by having someone tell you what she is like.

So, when we read a story of how God created the Earth, we learn things about God—like he is powerful and that he supplied abundantly for our needs. When we read of God’s people being mistreated as slaves in Egypt, we discover that even when things seem hopeless, God has a plan. When we read those seemingly endless lists of rules, we discover that living up to God’s standard is really hard. 

"The most important things we learn in life we learn from examples."

We also read lots of stories about people making mistakes and see how God responds to those mistakes. It’s easy to dwell on God’s angry responses, but in most of the stories, we see God responding by finding ways to win the people back into a good relationship with himself. God almost always uses people as part of the solution. Deborah was sent by God to remind the people to turn from evil and deliver them from an enemy; Ruth was given a loving and caring husband to rescue her from poverty; and David delivered the cowardly nation of Israel from a giant. These aren’t stories of amazing people doing great things—these are stories of normal people God used to do something amazing!

The recurring theme from the stories read in part one of Book by Book is that God is always faithful and people almost never are, which requires God to deliver them.

Even if you didn’t join us for part one of Book by Book, we would love to have you join us for part two, when we’ll be reading from 1 Kings through Psalms. These books will contain more stories of what God is like and some poetry about God as well.

Maybe you don’t like to read. Did you know the Bible App or the bible.com website will read the Bible to you? Listen to it while driving or working around the house.

Maybe you think you don’t have time. Our daily readings typically only take 5-10 minutes to read. Can you find 5-10 minutes to get to know God better? Maybe you feel the Bible is too hard to understand. On the Bible App and bible.com website, we have included notes that will help you understand what you are reading. If you read along with others, you can discuss what you are reading.

We believe that every healthy relationship thrives with intentionality. Are you being intentional about your relationship with God and reading his Word?

Check out more about our Bible Reading Plans at lcbcchurch.com/bible-reading

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