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Why Baptism Weekend is the Best Time to Invite Someone to Church

A couple times a year, we have the opportunity as a church to witness hundreds of people as they publicly declare that they are a life changed by Christ. It’s a time of celebration, because we know every story is a life changed.

But a part of Baptism Weekend that we don’t always think about is how impactful it can be to someone who may not currently call LCBC home. When a person shares their story through Baptism, it often involves sharing the messiest parts of their life—the parts that we all have in our own lives. When someone who hasn’t trusted Jesus yet hears that kind of story, and hears how Jesus changed everything, it can be a turning point for them.

Here are three reasons why Baptism Weekend is one of the best times to invite someone with you to church:

1. They’ll hear the ‘Why’ behind Baptism

As a part of every Baptism Weekend at LCBC, the message includes some background on Baptism—what Jesus has to say about it, why we celebrate it, and what it symbolizes. When someone experiences Baptism, they’ll hear exactly what following Jesus is all about—and what it means to publicly share your story once you’ve decided to trust in him. Check out this past message from our Remarkable series for an example of a Baptism Weekend message from Teaching Pastor Jason Mitchell.

2. They’ll witness life change stories firsthand

At the heart of Baptism Weekend are the stories of people whose lives have been changed by Christ. Each of our gatherings usually features a range of different stories, from people ages 8-years-old to 80-years-old, each with a unique testimony about how God has impacted their life. There’s no better proof to someone that Jesus can change lives than hearing the truth of someone’s story. Baptism Weekend is a chance for them to hear dozens of different stories from people in different life stages.

3. They’ll experience a sense of community

There’s something about telling your story to a group of people who you know love and support you, and want you to live the best life possible. When someone tells their story through Baptism, they have the love and support of our entire church family behind them. Someone visiting LCBC will experience that sense of community on a small scale, but in a big way as they hear the cheers for each person who decides to go “all in” through Baptism, and hopefully see the potential for that kind of community for themselves.

This coming weekend, and in weekends to come, we’ll have an opportunity to be a part of Baptism Weekend at LCBC. But we’ll also have the opportunity to bring someone along with us to Baptism Weekend. Who are you inviting?

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