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What Does Baptism Have to Teach Us About Being Remarkable?

The first weekend in August, across twelve locations, our church celebrated as 150 people took their next step. They each stood in the water before their friends and family and proclaimed that they are ready to tell the world that their life has been changed by Jesus.

LCBC was founded on a deep-seated conviction to love people. It’s a part of our core beliefs that everyone matters to God, whether or not God matters to them. When we have the opportunity to hear stories of life change through Baptism, it’s a reminder of that core belief—and a reminder that we all have a part to play in telling that truth to others.

And behind each story of life change is someone who entered that person’s life and impacted it—maybe by extending an invitation, offering to pray for them, showing up when they needed help—that showed them the love of Jesus and sparked the start of seeking out a relationship with him. It may have not seemed like anything big, anything “remarkable,” but it led to that person standing in the water and proclaiming that they are “all in.”

Behind each story of life change is someone who entered that person’s life and impacted it
Behind each story of life change is someone who entered that person’s life and impacted it

The stories we hear during Baptism are remarkable. But the steps that led to each person being baptized are just as remarkable—the stories behind what brought someone to First Steps, to At The Movies, to a regular weekend gathering for the first time—these are the remarkable invitations, the remarkable follow-ups, the remarkable relationships that encourage people to take steps in their faith.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live a remarkable life. Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to go out into the world and make disciples. What better way to know that we are following God’s call for us than to be a part of someone’s life change story—to be a step in what led them to declare their trust in Jesus through Baptism?

Baptism isn’t just a part of our routine as a church. It’s a time to celebrate everything that God is doing through us, and it’s an opportunity to be inspired by what we have been called to do in the lives of others—introducing them to Jesus and fully following him together.

We are called to live a remarkable life
We are called to live a remarkable life

If you missed Baptism Weekend, watch the full gathering online and be inspired by what God is doing through our church in the lives of people in our communities. And if you’ve trusted Jesus but haven’t been baptized yet, check out our Baptism page to learn more about what it means to tell your story.

If you are a follower of Jesus, be encouraged in knowing that you have the power to be a major part of someone’s life change story. God has called us to live remarkably and to share the truth of his love. Are you willing to start being remarkable?

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