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7 Ways to Make Movie Watching More Fun This Summer

Movies are one of the great pastimes that we can experience right at home! This summer, if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy watching your favorite film, check out this list of ways to make movie watching more fun.

  • Take It Outside - If the weather is nice, and you’ve got the equipment, set up a projector to project a movie onto the side of a home in your community, and invite the whole neighborhood to come experience an outdoor movie night! Get really fun with this one and have the kids of the neighborhood make “cars” out of cardboard boxes—DIY Drive-In!
  • Pajama Party - This one is fun if you have kids, or if you’re adults who wish you could still have slumber parties! Get in your comfiest PJs, complete with fuzzy slippers, and settle in for a good movie. Just try not to fall asleep before it’s over!
  • Build A Snack Bar - Set up a long table, get bowls, utensils, and anything else you need, pick your favorite snack, and set up your own treat bar! Whether it’s popcorn with candy to mix in, ice cream with toppings, or even cereal, load up on treats before sitting down in front of your favorite movie. Going back for seconds is recommended!
  • Living Room Reconstruction - Clear out your living room—move the couches, tables, chairs, everything out of the way to open the space up. Then get creative! Bring all the mattresses down and lay them on the ground, or collect all the blankets in the house and build a fort. No matter how you reconstruct your living room, make it the perfect place to snuggle up for 2 hours and enjoy the show.
  • Dinner & A Show - This one is more traditional—make or order in dinner as you watch your movie together. If you want to get more creative with this one, check out this list of 15 Movies & Their Perfect Food Pairings and spend the night cooking and watching together.
  • Theme Your Movie Night - Are you thinking of watching a fantastical movie series? Maybe more of a traditional love story? Whatever you decide to watch, theme out your whole night in the genre or even the world that you’ll be watching on the screen—decorate your room like a scene from Narnia, or try to capture the romantic timeless vibes in La La Land. Feel like you’re stepping into the film before you even hit play!
  • Go Fireside - If the weather permits, and you’ve got a fire pit, bring your laptop or iPad outside with you and watch a movie as you enjoy a campfire. This is the perfect setting to revisit old “campy” favorites like The Goonies, The Parent Trap, or It Takes Two!

No matter how you choose to watch movies this summer, don’t miss your chance to watch clips from some of the best movies out there and learn what they can show us about how to live the best life possible during At The Movies at LCBC! We can’t wait to see you there!

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