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Online Groups: How to Get Started

One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to do it with others. Whether you’re moving your Group online, starting an Online Group, or looking to jump into an Online Group, use the resources below to continue to get connected, grow in your relationships, and learn to be more like Jesus together.

New Group Participants

Online Groups are a great way to get connected and take steps towards fully following Jesus together. Use our Group Finder to search for an Online Group that fits your interest, life stage, or geographical area.

New Group Leaders

Looking to start a new Online Group? We’ve got you covered. Follow our 5 easy steps to start a Group and then follow steps 1-3 above to get started online.

Current Group Leaders

If you’re a Group leader and looking to move your Group to meet online, take the following steps to set up your Group to succeed virtually.

1. Select a Platform

We’ve found 3 easy platforms for you to lead your Group online. Evaluate the details of each option and watch tutorials to choose the resource that will work best for your Group, then follow the instructions to set up your first meeting!

2. Choose a Curriculum

Now more than ever is a great time to get connected and strengthen your relationships. Choose from the following curriculum studies with your Group and keep growing in your connections and discussions together.

3. Take Time to Prepare

Whether you’ve been meeting online for a few studies or this is your first Online Group, follow our 4 tips to maximize your Online Group experience and get the most out of the time you’re spending with your people.

Current Group Participants

If you’re a member of a current Group, reach out to your Group leader to start the conversation around moving to an Online Group. Offer to select what online platform your Group can use, to review curriculum options, or just to pray for your Group before you kick off.

Connecting with a Group is an essential part of growing in our faith, and Online Groups give us the opportunity to do that from our own homes on our own schedules. Don’t miss the chance to get connected and spend time diving into truth together this season.

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