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How to Start A Group In 5 Easy Steps

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of Groups, and you might be wondering where to start. If you feel called to lead a Group, check out how to start one in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Invite others

Groups require…life! Invite friends, neighbors, coworkers, family members, or the person you sit next to every weekend to join you on this journey. Want us to help fill your Group? Let us know, and we’ll add your Group to the Group Finder! 

Step 2: Get organized 

Take some time to work logistics for your Group. Decide on time and space, and choose a starting date to communicate to those you have invited to join your Group. Be sure to let us know your information so we can help you win! 

Step 3: Prepare for Group 

A significant reason we do Groups is to grow together. When you lead a Group, we’ll set you up with content from each series that has Message Based Questions. Be sure to review the tools on the resource page to help guide your time together! 

Step 4: Share responsibility

The goal of the Group isn’t for the leader to own everything. Sharing responsibility will make your Group stronger. During your first meeting, take some time to discuss and assign roles for Group members using the role cards as your guide:

  •  Contributor: There are no bystanders at Group. Everyone has a part to play. Every time your Group meets, you can show up, join in the conversation, and be real!
  • Host: Hospitality is key. Hosts create a welcoming environment where connections will flourish. As a host, you will open your home to help others relax and belong.
  • Pray(er): This isn’t just for the professionals. As the prayer, you actively listen to requests and invite God to show up like only he can, on behalf of the Group. 
  • Conversation Guider: Like a GPS keeps a car on a route, the conversation guider helps direct the conversation from taking a detour so the Group can arrive at the agreed-upon destination. 
  • Timekeeper: When you know how much time you have left, you tend to do more with the time you have now. The timekeeper makes sure that Group starts and ends on time. 
  • Snack Bringer: The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! The snack bringer is the real hero every week—supplying the fuel the Group needs to stay focused.

Step 5: Start

Now that you’ve invited others, taken care of the logistics like date, time, place, and study, and become more familiar with the Group roles, it’s time to get started! Don’t worry, you’ve got this! Use the tools and resources provided and remember, you’re not alone!

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