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4 Easy Ways to Connect Your Group Between Meetings

Staying connected with others is more important than ever these days, but that doesn’t mean that everyday life makes it easy. Even our most meaningful relationships take intentionality. Finding your people in a Group is a great step towards building important connections—but keeping those connections throughout the week can be a challenge. We’ve listed some easy ways that you can stay connected to your Group in-between meeting times below.

Stay Chatty — You’re probably no stranger to Group Chats, whether it’s texting or using a third party app like GroupMe to stay connected. Creating a specialized chat for your Group is simple, and it’s the perfect way to stay involved in each other’s lives. Whether you use it to send life updates, prayer requests, or just funny GIFs, you’ll learn more about each other than maybe you ever have.

Send Snail Mail — This may feel old school, but receiving a personalized note or postcard in the mail still feels nice, even if it feels dated. Make sure to exchange addresses during your first meeting or two, and then send out little cards to your Group members just to let them know you’re thinking about them and love being in a Group with them! It will mean more than you know, and be well worth the stamp.

Get Competitive — There are few better ways to start seeing each of your Group members’ personalities than to spend time playing games together! We especially love Party Apps like House Party and Jackbox that you can play together from anywhere. Get ready to see everyone’s true colors when it comes to competitive nature!

Prioritize Prayer — Set up 10-minute prayer meetings that you can do over video together midweek using the prayer requests that you’ve accumulated in your Group Chat or that you shared in your last Group meeting. Make it quick, but spend time praying together over the requests. If you’re new to praying as a Group, no worries! It’s less about how you pray and more about talking to God and trusting him on behalf of your friends. This will keep the Group’s prayer requests at the forefront of your minds and bring you closer as a Group.

Learn more about how to move your Group online, tips for connection during social distancing, and how being in a Group can improve your mental health at LCBCchurch.com/Articles

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